Brilliant Game Idea – Mix Castlevania With Bayonetta!

King Dracula – or whatever he is – has been in hibernation for quite some time to the loss of the gaming community. The shame there is that he, at least in Symphony of the Night form, was never fully explored as an antagonist nor a character; the castle was the main draw in that Castlevania and many other entries followed suit. The modern Lords of Shadow series unfurled him a bit, but the mass consensus on that pair comes out lukewarm at best.

Butttt I know a certain witch that’s always up for a good neck sucking, and one that could really inject some life into clammy skin. So, I say we…


Take the Aesthetic of Symphony of the Night…

The Metroid-Vania of it all is fine and dandy, but that’s not what I’m focused on here. The art of the 2D sprite is something that has only recently started to evolve and pop, but I’d argue that games such as Symphony of the Night have been doing it well for ages. You always have a sense of direction and place amongst the clockwork mansion that, given the animated Netflix show, feels like it has new life awaiting a host body.

Add the Gameplay of Bayonetta…

What’s been missing from pretty much all 2D action is the stylish, over-the-top action of a Bayonetta or Devil May Cry. The Bayonetta series delivers big combo numbers thanks to the number of enemies on screen, so to counter the loss of that third-dimension, you could use the Y-axis as a combo enhancer.

Bayonetta 2

I’m imagining a side-scroller that relies heavily upon full combos that are extended by dodging in a “narrowing of time” mechanic. Basically, you’d throw your three-button combo up front, dodge the incoming counter to the backside, and be rewarded for that with an available 6-hit combo and so forth for as long as the player can keep the streak alive. You can blend this action with the with visual flair of the 3D versions to where enemies can burst into blood or rings, and scale the bosses to be multiple screens in height, or even the size of the castle itself.

Bringing that all back around to the aesthetic of Symphony, this could be made to look certifiably badass with the medieval approach. Dracula or a Belmont (or both) maybe have to knock heads in a village and work their way to the tougher enemies inside the castle grounds? Or maybe they even have to go to hell itself to staple shut the inevitable doorway to our realm? The colors, the action, and the direction could all turn this into a 2D action-mania-vania game not soon forgotten.

What do you think about this mix? Let me know below! Check out what Persona and Conker gameplay would do together too.

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