Micro Reviews – 10 Things I Hate About Yook

Here it is, a small window into the games I pass through without finishing for one reason or another. This month saw lots of one-hit wonders, and games I wish would burst into acidic fire that somehow starts Judgement Day. Let’s get the worst one out of the way first…

Yooka-Laylee – Kick in all the excuses you want. I mean it, list them out: Kickstarter project, based on retro bones etc. I’ll match you with my own list: the loose camera feels worse than Glover’s, the graphics look to be cut from stone with dull swords, and those grating voice sounds should be made illegal. Make and fund a game however you want, just make it better than this jagged ball of gladiator refuse being presented as calm kiddie candy. (Never)

Dead By Daylight – This seed of the asymmetrical horror villain genre does its best to build an original idea from the ground up. After a handful of matches, the upgrades, leveling, various currencies, and overall infrastructure feels intuitively constructed for the player. The gameplay itself – in the single mode – seems far more unbalanced, making slight disadvantages for the killer frustratingly common to face. Steepening an uphill battle doesn’t a fun gaming experience make. (Maybe)

Undertale – This is the THIRD time I’ve started Undertale and not finished it. It’s arrisen to the same level of false starts as a standard Fallout game for me. I love the music, I love both the story and the battle system, and I even love the underground success behind it. This is how great games arise and prove that trends aren’t all-compassing forecasts, but it just hasn’t captured me. It’s ultimately the characters and humor that don’t land, which is nearly impossible to have as a universal good in any medium, let alone in a text-based video game. Still, I will finish it one day and this run – total pacifist ftw! – should be the one. (Definitely)

Rayman Legends HD Definitive Edition –  As one of the few Wii U owners and even fewer players of the best version of Rayman Legends, this Ubisoft cash-in is one I’m in support of. I saw this poor game criminally undersell as I played the terrific musical cue levels and varied platforming, all with bright colors that only feel at home on a Nintendo console. It remains in the top three of platformers not featuring Mario in this decade, which gives it this one last acceptable port. Don’t be Resident Evil 4, Rayman. (Definitely)

Plague INC. – The most intriguing unmined well left in gaming is the idea of play as an evildoer acting from the opposite polarity as the usual hero. Plague INC. is interesting in that concept, basically allowing you to act as an arch-nemesis to humanity without clouded intentions or even intelligent design. You’re a calamity of microorganism spreading in every cough and bead of nervous sweat. In that sense of the word “simulation”, there’s no better show of how to weaken the struts of humanity. (Maybe)

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