Brilliant Game Ideas – Mix Majora’s Mask With Katamari Damacy!

What would the world be without the Legend of Zelda? Dark, dreary, and overrun with zombies likely, much like how the universe would be if we didn’t have any stars. In such as hellscape, we’ll have to call upon this particular combination to create some new hopes to stare up to at night.

Take the Conceit of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask…

The Legend of Zelda series was about as predictable as can be on consoles with a journey taking you many different directions to stop Ganon and/or evil in general. Majora’s Mask, I’d argue, is the first and only entry to create a sense of urgency that the world actually needs you – like, now. Time travel is your friend while you navigate the love and anxiety of the townsfolk while the falling, angered moon dawns the end of the world unto them. You’re still getting a full Zelda experience inside the T-minus 3 days conceit, just with a fully-expressed, looming end above you.

Majora's Mask

While it worked in an indirect, malleable way in Majora, this particular concoction would be a little more direct.

Add the Gameplay of Katamari Damacy

The King of the Cosmos can’t help his darling child now. You, as the star-making elven Prince, have a limited amount of time to protect the planet you’re come to mine for resources. That means you have to roll as though your life, and the lives of your star material, count on creating something dense, bouncy, or maybe even sticky to stop respective moons and meteorites.

Inside my dark thinky space, I imagine that the Prince has the entire universe to protect with different sections of space offering different materials for moon and blockade creation. The loop would be for you, as the Prince, to create planets with your standard rolling mechanic bundling up matter from one planet and moving it into space. When the time came, whether that be after a single planet’s construction or after the entire solar system is in place, an ominous warning will sound and your planets will have to launch their counterattacks using only the types of matter you originally rolled them with to fight.

Katamari Damacy

The opposing force – let’s call them Bob of the Milky Way – would work in secrecy and only handle his forces being repelled so long before he was forced to fire everything at one system. The Prince could then manage and roll more resources to protect his system in a more prolonged fashion, creating not only a one-off instance of defense against a galactic Bob attack but an intermittent wave element as well.

Katamari’s universe would be a great place for the end of the world as we know it to iterate anew. Your stars would shine bright and that big scary moon could finally screw right off for good.

What do you think about this mix? Let me know below! Check out some another game idea for Bayonetta and Castlevania.

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