Brilliant Game Ideas – Mix MediEvil With Binding of Issac!

A brunch to the upcoming remaster, how would the toothy-grin of Sir Dan look in a bit of a different context? Gross, I say. Delightfully gross.

Take the World of MediEvil…

During the first wave of Sony’s rise to video game prominence, every story was beleaguered by a political juxtaposition: this new tech can show off story, but this story may not be one worth telling. Those big, shiny discs simply had to be filled to the brim with all the lore and gameplay to be held because that was the way to beat Nintendo, which worked for Sony that generation.

All that isn’t to say that MediEvil doesn’t have lots of story elements to throw into a bit of undead silliness. In fact, I’m thanking Sony for putting in the hardships of Sir Dan against Zarok in the first game and Palethorn in the next, as are plenty of others to the tune of an excited remaster crowd. I can just see the potential in moving around those elements into a much more controlled, simpler dominion.

Sir Dan was established as a time-skipping hero in his original go, able to be summoned when needed well outside of his own timeline. Adding that to the inherent moldability of the character itself and you have a setup that would go great in a certain roguelite structure.

Add the Gameplay of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

As blahed about in my review, I love the systems that Isaac adds to the dungeon crawler formula. Adding Sir Dan and company would make an even sweeter tasting stew.

The Binding of Isaac

From Isaac should come the dungeon style, procedural generation, and the amount of systems throughout while MediEvil’s world, population, and style can come barging in. You’d have a top down twin-stick shooter with a more gothic overtone that could vary between timelines and locations from King Arthur to steampunk London to maybe even the future as a bonus stage. The enemies could have a magical structure that serves as the main system, feeding them further strength and other boons the closer to the magical core you go.

Sir Dan could start out with his trademark boomer-arm and the upgraded items he finds along the way may include all the thematic weaponry you can think of for that time period. Even the “good vs. evil” dynamic in hidden rooms can be fitted to a “magic vs nature” opposition that could power you up for closer, stronger attacks or the opposite for magical. The items could conceive of Dan’s boney body in different forms like the hand he took over in the second MediEvil, or a large python, or even a PlayStation controller. For kicks.

I love it, you love it, Sony, get to it. MediEvil isn’t far from coming back in its primordial form, but I’d really like to see this kind of idea fleshed out for a property that could use some more life in its bones.

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