Ganon Shot – A Colossal End

The wind that brushed the tops of nearby trees barely made it to the creature’s waist. It had to steeply angle upward, climbing for every inch above the nearby cliffs and even some birds to finally grace the hair upon his chin. His gaze carefully, calmly stayed ahead as he eyed a curiosity dancing on four legs inside a sandy ravine.

It locked on the swift legs as they seemed like lightning in their agile power to his eyes. A rattling groan escaped his mouth as he shambled forward with his own step hovering over dozens of yards per stride but at a fraction of the speed. The small beast continued to dart away and up an unsteady path with only a few slides taking away its balance.

The colossus Vandrare, hundreds of feet tall, cocked its head in an innocent confusion as it watched. His free hand inched up and forward to catch the fleeing animal, but once it reached the grassy, flat top, the creature was gone in a flash.

Another forlorn groan escaped his mouth when he felt something very small hit him in the back.

His turn was massive and lumbering as a small whistle filled the air. He finally made it all the way around and saw another creature, smaller still with only two legs. He noticed the curved wood in their small hands and saw something shiny coming very fast towards his head. It bounced from his stone mask to bring nothing but another curious head cock.

Yet another whistle went out and a call, “Arro!”

Vandrare shambled forward without paying the two-legged beast any more mind. He didn’t notice the blade appear from a scabbard in his hands. He didn’t realize how long his foot was planted on the ground. So when the searing, crippling pain shot through his spine, the colossus went down to a knee.

He was breathless and his nerves shocked as dark mist was spraying from the back of his leg. While down, he could feet small tugs on his hair and didn’t wait to see what it was. He shook with his overwhelming strength, rumbling the ground and high cliffs while sending the helpless creature away with a yell.

As the colossus stood to full height again, he gripped the massive stone mace in his left hand and began searching along the ground. He would flatten the creature that caused him so much pain and agony.

Another small ricochet of metal on stone turned his massive body to the left, but by time he was fully turned, the hair along his waist felt the familiar tug. He shook wildly and moved to grab the creature if he could. Every time he shook, he felt the tugging higher and higher on his back. Any time he thought about reaching around, he could never find anything to pluck away.

Finally, the top of his head felt small footsteps, a pair of warm hands holding tight to his stone crown. He knew he had the creature this time. He leaned over and prepared to slap away the tiny animal when another shot of intense pain ran through him. Breathing came harder while his chest could be seen heaving from his strong heart. His entire body bounced with volume enough to overwhelm the swirling winds with the ground’s trembling pulse centered on the dying beast.

It was one more sliver of pain before a cooling darkness took him over. The first colossus then became a dark mist in full, letting his pain drift away into the reaching wind. All stone and fur disintegrated into the writhing swirl of ink while the creature with two legs sprinted away, terrified by the ominous coiling, but far too slow to escape.

Vandrare felt warm again as the sun flashed across his featureless, humanoid face that looked down upon the unconscious boy. Within a column of light piercing the massive stone temple, the remnants of the colossus cocked its head one last time, wondering where he would go next before fading away into the light.

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