Brilliant Game Ideas – Mix Bleach With Xenoverse!

Mixing animated worlds is nothing new. Jump Force is approximately the 48th game this generation that’s throwing together heroes of different mainstream shows for brawl downs. I’ve taken that little shakedown idea, morphed and twisted it, and come up with a brand new, startlingly-simple approach to two of the hottest animes of all time.

Take the Construct of Dragon Ball Xenoverse…

Despite my ultimate blahness for how Xenoverse 2 turned out, I still find merit in how well the overall world and conceit works. You, as a new character in the Dragon Ball universe, take to alternate-reality outcomes surrounding your favorite characters. It’s a beautiful combination of “what-if” and the form of a competent 3D fighter.

This isn’t so far from what J-Stars did a few years ago, but it’s the hub world that adds another dimension to it all.


Add the World and Characters of Bleach.

Bleach, despite being incredibly popular and lengthy, has never had this type of opportunity. 20 times has a developer taken to the populous world, but nearly each time, a simple fighter was the outcome.

The closest Bleach came to the idea presented here was on PlayStation 3 with Soul Ignition. Environments were slightly more open as you took on the Aizen saga (Hueco Mundo may be the actual arc name, I don’t know) and larger enemies got their big battle scenes.

Even so, I’m talking about not just an arc from Bleach but the whole kit and kaboodle.


Even leaving in the notorious filler could become viable as you take control of your character in the Soul Society. You’d have to choose your zampakuto from a family and then be assigned to one of the Captains. Form there, you simply follow the same blueprint set by Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2: remix history into entertaining combinations.

What if Aizen was usurped at some point by Gin? What if Ichigo went insane during one of his hollowifications and rose to a tyrannical power? This is the fragmented insanity that Dragon Ball fans have experienced for two generations now, and it’s lead to some of the more consistently entertaining sections of the lore.

What would really benefit Bleach here is the spectacle of the attacks, which can reach insane visual levels. You could feel the distance of Gin’s bankai or the destructive force of Aizen fully unleashed. A feature for the more intellectual fighters could even include traps and a brief planning phase before each round. Imagine if Urahara could set traps along the ground or air to corner his opponent before striking, or if Yamamoto could set his flame pillars in just the right positions to end a fight before it began. With the spectacle and strategy involved in this approach, this could be a whole pound of eye candy for all to enjoy.

Bleach really could have it all in video game form, and I’m quite sure I’d love to see a lexicon of animated history on my nearest gaming machine. So calm down with all these crossovers for the time being.

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