Ganon Shot – In the Beginning, There Was Squid

At the dawn of all time, there sprang a small group of squids beneath the sea. All were grey, swimming in a unified school through the grey waters with a playful speed. They ate whatever the sea offered them and lived in complete harmony as their numbers steadily, calmly grew.

Generations into all of existence, the squids swam against a new race with eight writhing legs called the octopi. These two great species came together in peace for years.

Over their evolved time, squids had taken to laying their eggs in the shallows of early land to keep them from floating away. After some generations, each returning mother began to soak in the color of the sand and bring it back to the water. It wasn’t long before mother squids were swimming in green, yellow, red, and dark blue, causing others to marvel at their splendid freshness. Then, some wanted to create their own colors, giving way to lime green, pink, purple, and many more streaks.

The sea was now beautiful in the rainbow of colors that glowed beneath the sun. However, it was also now full of jealousy.

Octopi sneered and turned away from the colorful squid schools. Their own eggs stayed underwater and they scoffed at the outside world. One day, one octopus swam with their child and warned them of the squids as dangerous, urging the young one to stay away. Yet, every time their back was turned, the child would watch in wonder at the colors and fill themselves with envy.

The child followed one of the squids to land and watched as it hopped its way to the pile of eggs. He then tried to hop across the sands as well, his unwieldy legs suctioning many eggs as he slipped and fell back into the water. A single streak of burnt orange ran down his back, finally giving him the color of the squids. He swam with all his might back home and with the eggs still firmly within his suckers.

The other children squealed in excitement when they saw their friend streaming in beautiful color. All the parents could see were the terrible squid children hatching from the suction cups, and were all too late to stop them.

Each squidling howled in terror of new faces and senses, and their parents painted a rainbow in the water as they bolted closer. Each octopi elder attempted to calm the growing number of squids that swam forward with furrowed brows, but it was no use.

The squids began raining down paint of all colors across the homes with the octopi running for cover. Despite the fear, the barrage was over quickly as the children were all safe and sound. As the squids departed, hate for their kind began to multiply amongst octopus clans to where parents and octolings alike snarled after them.

From that day forward, squids and octopi began to evolve dramatically. A few more generations passed before the squids had become able to use the color to create the freshest fashions. Squids, ever eager to protect their children on land, evolved to be able to transform their bodies to that of a human child. They endeavored to always stay fresh, fabulous, and to hold monthly debates over whether their kind had become more squid or kid.

Octopi used their own ink to color their bodies and prepared for revenge against the squids. Their hatred and envy drove them out of the water, constructing tremendous architectural features to steal all that was precious to their enemies, be they squid or kid.

And thus, we have the greatest rivalry in the world today. Their primordial distaste for one another has driven the skyscrapers higher and the machines more deadly. The octopi, now with their greatest scheme unleashed, have sent in an undercover agent to set the wheels of destruction into motion.


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