Micro Reviews – Dark Horse Tourny Contenders

I have Gamefly and am better served for it. A rental service is great for dabbling, and I’m not ever going to be the type of person that buys more than a handful of new games a year. So Gamefly leads to gaming leads to reviews and…whatever you classify this as, which is to say that this crop is a lot of Gamefly populates, and a lot of swift returns.

F1 2017 – Racing games are probably an easy sell to others, but for me, there’s a real issue in getting me to focus for several laps of the same thing over and over without any real context. Even a bright colorful gimmick-fest like Mario Kart 8 can only hold me so long, so a reality-driven formula racer doesn’t have the best chance. It’s pretty, it controls well, and confirms my life decision to not (yet) drive over 200 kilometers per hour. Side note, I miss Rogue trip…. (Never)

Lock’s Quest – My 3DS is underutilized, I know. And I even missed the DS generation completely, I know I know. And this one even got a home console reboot, usually pointing toward someone seeing quality in the stitching, I knowwwwwww. Even so, this unassuming quest may be the straw that broke the concept of touch screens as essential gaming peripherals for me, even as it works splendidly as a showcase for this particular straw. Not a bad game to be had here, but with the touch screen as the literal lifeblood, I can’t shake the memories of tower defense flash games from high school. (Never)

Lock's Quest

Pokken Tournament – Here’s a complete non-factor in my life that had its stock turn up slightly. I’m not sure which sadistic Pokemon designer said “Let’s take that whole Pokemon-beat-one-another-for-sport idea and ram it into UFC” but I strangely approve. It’s colorful with the strafing Soul Calibur viewpoint that I adore in fighting games, and it gives a window into an imaginative scenario I used to have playing the holy trinity of Pokemon prime games: being on the battlefield as they were playing. This, strangely, fulfills that old desire better than the Stadium games (why isn’t there another one of those?). All the same, I came, I saw, I played, and I’ve likely moved on with half a smile. (Maybe)

Prey – Oh, the void that spread when this one entered a room. I’d seen the original Prey on shelves, and was shrugging levels of excited to hear of a reboot, but after playing the little demo that Bethesda allowed, I saw something that could be worth a full playthrough. Alas, no. I’ve come to think of it as quieter, better Duke Nukem Forever with aliens that have a respectable gravitas to their presence and abilities but an underlying of mediocrity through most everything else. (Probably not)

Marvel Vs Capcom

Marvel Vs. Capcom Ultimate 3 – Even though I have love for the third-dimension being used in fighting games, a good 2D fighter can still tickle my fancy. I’m of the personal believe that speed and timing windows are made essential if you’re going to limit us to side-scrolling, and certain characters lend success to that ideal here. It feels that the differences between characters and their huge trade-offs don’t mesh well in the end – Spider-Man and Phoenix especially in my experience (I’ve heard of the Virgil hate but didn’t face any good users in my short window). I treat this game as I do most fighting games these days: as the arcade games I grew up with and all the ambivalence between play sessions that implies. (Maybe)

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