Sonic Racing and Mario DDR – Brilliant Game Ideas!

Rhythm games have some blood still in their systems if you ask me. If you don’t ask me, then consider this an extra sprinkle on your cupcake of the day.

Anyways, like most genres, if you apply a little creativity to an old staple concept, you may find a magic combination. Especially when Sonic Month serves as the inspirational gun held just off camera.

Take the Idea of Mario DDR…

Mario was never at his wackiest than when he had to overthrow Bowser with dance. This game’s very creation robbed so many snarky jerks of punchlines meant to paint a line of absurdity Nintendo wouldn’t cross. The joke, as ever, is on us.

Sonic racing
“Excuse me, sirs, but you’ll have to leave the Red Roof Inn lobby now.”

That doesn’t make the remixed tracks within any less catchy because, damn it, it’s still Mario. You’re still knocking your heels way too hard into a flimsy pad to the beat of your favorite songs from childhood. This game ate hours of my life not for lack of other games, but because it cultivated a simple premise set against the most iconic backdrop in gaming.

And yet, there is more to be mined, especially with another iconic character looking for a boost.

Mix the Speed and Gameplay of Sonic Racing

Despite a lot of sneering, Sonic Racing has proven plenty as a concept once it divorced itself from flawed peripherals. I’m not asking to add a peripheral to the mix either, no. I just want the same musical celebration for Sonic as Mario received. With, you know, some flair.

Sonic Racing

Consider this the same as “adding another layer” to the gameplay of the standard Sonic Racing experience. As you race, you can come to these challenge locations that include skill moves such as jumps, drifts, flips, and rocket boosts. Here is where you have to keep time with the music in the background, quickly entering in button combinations that match the metronome and notes. Success equals success depending upon how well you do, and the race continues from there.

The stages and music are extremely important for an idea such as this, so having them match with remixed tracks would be both a sight and sound to behold. That level of interactivity would add a certain “victory by degrees” sense wherein you don’t really have to guess about how to shave down time as you already have your answer. This would also, of course, put an onus on the aural, having players focused fully on the wonderful music throughout the series.

It’s not all Crush 40, I swear. Hell, throw Crush 40 in there even. Let people hear those terrible lyrics about a hero buffet. Absolute insanity, that….


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