Sonic The Hedgehog, as Spoken About by A Single, Humble Fan – Weird Gaming

To speak candidly about my extensive history with Sonic the Hedgehog, he brought me an umbrella during several downpours. The games sparked my imagination while the comics filled my head with tinder (not the dating app). Without him, I can’t guarantee I’d be sitting here as the witticism Terminator and insightful “bon vivant with a controller” that I am today.

Naturally, this means I must “thank” Sonic the Hedgehog via this whole month. Even as that celebration winds down, there are still quite a few fun nuggets left for you and I to merrily skip through.

I now introduce you to one of said nuggets. This particular bit of fools gold showcases two main things: I’m a freak with a small kitchen and I don’t have enough room for my Sonic the Hedgehog collectibles. Mine are the most first-world of problems.

Anywho, take a look and a gander at how much a little blue hedgehog has sarcastically meant nothing to me for nearly 30 years.

God I’m old….


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