A Monument to Hell – Ganon Shot

Somewhere inside the vast purgatory between heaven and hell held an infinite prison. Whether lost or found, there was no escape. No real escape. How could there be? This is a self-made prison of the mind that could not accept the body’s deeds. This is Silent Town.

Most wander aimlessly through the grey fog and falling ash, neither evil nor good enough to rap upon the gates of heaven nor hell. Their shawls are meaningless against their skin. The shoes are figments upon their dirtied soles. Nothing in this world can satiate anymore than it can harm as these creatures of the mist gasp for a full breath through eternity.

On this occasion, as has happened only a few other moments in all of time, a human of a particularly vile nature has entered Silent Town. So vile as the mist creatures are transformed and twisted into ghastly, horrific manglements of flesh and distorted desire. The hatred of this human rises like bile and snatches away reality from this void, their mind screaming that this does matter and all of their sins will be forgiven.

Here, the poles of Silent Town, usually so very far from hell and heaven, begin to come closer. Heavenly entities only rarely are called upon as those that are truly repentant do so before death. So, it is often hell that comes crawling forth with the wail of air raid sirens peeling the light from Silent Town.

Far from where this vile person’s denial radiates, inside of the darkest chamber of blackened blood and malintent, emerges a hallmark of death and torture. A wide span of fingers rips from a nacreous portal first, quick to bring forth the massive, metallic covering of the condemned. Monolith Head – impossibly muscular – lumbers to full height – impossibly tall – with his name’s sake securely fastened with clasped iron, protruding feet upwards and out in front. He reaches back and pulls forward a butcher’s sword in an instant, longer than he is tall and dragging the floor with its chipped, crooked blade sending grinding noises down the spines of angels themselves.

This creature blasts an amalgamation of scorpion and dog out of the way, a single swipe offering no grace as blood coasts the hallway red. Monolith Head felt a pull to this creature of denial, its skin pulsating with the desires of the flesh. All the while, it felt the voice of reality crash against the inside of its helmet too, a screeching desire from the human to wake them up from this nightmare. Monolith Head feels this desire and moves to end their suffering.

He is down a dark portal and out again, startling the vile human in a courtyard. The thoughts of the human ring inside Monolith’s helmet, bringing agony and unfiltered rage that he roars out to relieve to no avail. Instead, he takes up his massive blade and moves to strike. Denial wins out as the human moves, pecking at Monolith Head’s flesh with small bullets that cause no real harm.

The blade is slowly up again as the thoughts rage and conflict with his desires and orders. This human, for all their fears and desires to birth something new from this impossible womb, doesn’t fully believe themselves worthy of ever leaving Silent Town. Thus, Monolith Head strikes again and again, finding flesh a time or two but never fatally.

Then, as if from nowhere, the desire completely leaves the creature’s body. The raid sirens sound again, and the sample of hell spat up recedes just as quickly with the human cowering beneath a half-cocked strike. Monolith Head shambles away with his form and blade disintegrating, but with desire so strong and a journey so long, this was but a taste of the tortures and conflict to come.

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