Micro Reviews – A Loud Soul Required

I’ll have gone to my first E3 in a non-professional capacity by time this goes up and I’m sure I had a great time. I totally, probably didn’t end up being trampled or arrested over a 10 minute demo at the end of a 4 hour line, and I’m sure the smell of fried food and so very much sweat had me gasping for air. In the meantime, some lovable games were played and my mind brooded over them, baking to a beautiful glow under the bright lights until they’re ready to be served below.

Prince of Persia Trilogy – I <3ed the original trilogy and took to the PS3 collection once I learned it existed (about 6 months ago…). And inside of a few minutes of running again along the walls with all the grace of an Olympic figure skater, my rose-colored glasses snapped in half. The story arc across all three games is the only saving grace to me besides the environments herein. Once the first camera swung across an area to throw safety rails on either side of the linear path, I was out. I remembered how often that staple reappears and didn’t have the patience to run to Staples over and over to keep that supply fresh. (Never)

Mega Man 2 – Now this is music! Mega Man 2 would’ve probably been something legendary if I’d found it as a young padawan because of the music alone. It’s Wood Man, of course, who would’ve floored me hardest and rawest. Everything else is pretty good but for someone that was whistling the Pokemon battle theme in its warbled glory, his would’ve been king.

In this, the worst possible of all Earth timelines, I still love the music and feel like I can get way farther than I did this round with a little old-school focus. The gameplay is specifically designed to reward that approach. Game on, Capcom. (Definitely)

Fire Emblem Awakening – I have, continually, borked myself throughout my attempts to rally the battlefields. It took me, I think, 8 battles to lose someone and hate myself for it, which isn’t bad for an Irish person that still hasn’t given fully into those stereotypes. The battle system is thankfully less randomized, boiling down to rock, paper, scissors, to where you can usually have a chance to save your people. I do wish there was a “last second” mechanic to reduce some save file digging, but I suppose I’ll take the blame for that too. Again! (Maybe)

Splinter Cell – Here it is, one of the last remaining blasphemers of my Unbeaten list. One that I’ve started at least 3 times and have lost interest in within a femtosecond.

All of that introduction is to say that this game is f*cking boring. That’s what stops me from beating it every time I pick it up. Sam Fisher has dust on the top of his head in every environment because he has to wait so damn long for a window to open up without blasting fools in the skull. I miss Metal Gear Solid every time I plug this one in and constantly want to sell it online or to a local sadomasochist or both, if that’s a market. Yet…I will beat it. I will press on. (Definitely)

Demon’s Souls – This one is on the verge of becoming part of that aforementioned list. I love Souls and Boodborne, but there are just a few quality of life enhancements in Dark Souls that leave painful vacuums with their absence here. Everything feels tighter and barren as far as recovery items and the scarcity of checkpoints is the tantamount “get gud” equalizer. Creatures are done well enough with some clear Dark Souls designs discovered here but I have some issue with the lore of the world in general: there doesn’t seem to be much at all. I might not be far enough in to really receive the brunt of it yet, but I do keep planning to find out. (Probably)

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