Mix Mad Max with Road Rage! – Brilliant Game Ideas

To what do we owe this witnessing of me and mine? A look at what could be a return to form for an ancient road-based rage and an injection of sick.

Take the conceit of Road Rage…

I’m thinking more circa Sega CD Road Rage when I say the conceit as that’s the only one I really touched.

Mad Max

From that womb sprang, for me at the time, a rad little title that introduced me to the concept of “decisions matter”. You ran through three acts worth of races where you had named ally-versaries of bikers that would either help or knock you out during the two-wheeled gauntlets. There were also some compressed videos between of standard biker activities (I think. I’m not exactly a connoisseur of the biker lifestyle) that moved you from act to act.

The meat of the experience that I’d want brought over here is that “morality” system. You’d basically maneuver your way through a point-and-click bar of caricature drawings that changed expressions based upon how bad you beat them up. Simple, yes, but you could potentially build yourself a small helpful contingent based upon biker motorcycle races – an activity one does not usually juxtapose with moral ruminations.

Mad Max

Add the world of Mad Max

The most recent Mad Max felt so lifeless that I’ve had it on my PlayStation 4 for months and still can’t feel its pulse. Everything I’ve seen stinks of it attempting to pull off a third-person Rage concept that lends to a worse experience for anyone in the wasteland.

I say you take a fairly obvious cue from Fury Road and give people what they loved there. Me says you make the next Mad Max game a vehicle combat wasteland simulator with a twist.

While this concept likely won’t take much selling, there is no other world that could house the idea of armed vehicle combat quite like Mad Max. That universe has always been one of undeterred creativity with vehicular creations inspired by an apocalypse. The leftovers of the human race are devoted to death and madly in love with higher cause duty and loyalty brings. The lot of’em just need the pieces to pull it off.

Mad Max

Bring in all the car customization you can find for the various death machines and add that to your contingent of followers. Give them armor, yells of fury, angles of death, uses for everyday items, and add to their likelihood of keeping your territory safe from the other warlords. Driving could involve convoys to protect, tanks to disarm, special persons to kill, or even full-on clan wars, all in an effort to carve out the Australian outback as your own.

Morality, in a sense, comes in with your lieutenants and fellow warlords. How far do you want to push The People Eater on a promised delivery date to maybe sneak some more off the top? Or is there a lieutenant not pulling his weight on the road that you want to take out? These decisions could be made during the missions themselves with an order of your men instead of at standard bumper scenes, making the game feel much more breakneck and receptive to your insane will.

I try to not go with the obvious choices for these Brilliant Game Ideas (would they be brilliant if I did?) but this one’s lack of existence baffles me greatly. Marry these forms together and scream (insert Fury Road line here).

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