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Rogue-lites are a weird, varied bunch. I love Binding of Isaac and Dead Cells, but can’t get into Spelunky or Steamworld Dig. Maybe I should take a look at some other examples, such as the handsome little lad present today that…doesn’t settle the argument at all.

On the other side of the ring, I’ve been playing more and more games that should’ve never emerged from early development. One of either pops out of this quintet and…it’s going to hurt me plenty.

Monster hunter

Monster Hunter World – With an E3 reveal sparking the Monster World cultists to spring forward into a larger world, I was ready to take this plunge too. The ecosystem is beautiful and interconnected in believable biomes that, despite feeling a bit too cluttered with items to nab, made most hunts fun and believable in their build-up. But…but, but, but…trapping missions not allowing you to craft without sending you back to the central hub took the blood from my hands. It immediately felt like I couldn’t have fun or afford to miss without losing potential hours from my life in further gathering. I’m blabbering about an optional mission, mind you, so as frustrating as it was, I’m leaving that door open for a second chance. (Probably)


Has Been Heroes – Never Was My Kinda Game, is more like it. This was the second game I bought for the Switch thinking Zelda just wouldn’t be enough, and it’s a shame I didn’t save the money for something more worthwhile. A lane-based defense game with permadeath completely eats in practice here because, plain and simple, there’s no connective tissue. The combat is a juggling act that can’t stand on its own to carry the experience, and there’s just nothing else. Even the heroes on display feel bland and underpowered to the point that I kept expected microtransactions to pop in for extra meter juice. To the archived software it goes. (Definitely not)

Final Fantasy XIII – This is the one time I wish the NSA had put their little Kinect monitoring to good use. For the first ten minutes of this game, I’d be willing to bet no other title has inspired the movement to “huh” looks faster.

Square Enix built their wall of lore high and fast in that tutorial section where every character tried to be established with the main conflict and possible bad guy motivations – within an hour. The nonsense words just kept on flowing, which is a shame because there is a lot of good lore here for the hounds. Battling feels fine in a standard way with the summons being…odd. There’s a lot of game here and that opening put me off something fierce, but once I get through a few other Final Fantasy games I already love, the world of Cocoon may see me again. (Maybe)


Legend of Korra (Console Version) – No…honey, no.

The Legend of Korra is up there with the best shows I’ll repeatedly throw onto the nearest screen. This version, not the handheld RTS which I haven’t cracked open yet, has the delicious hook of new animations and story from the creators themselves. The cutscenes, in that case, get a thumbs up from me.

Not unlike Deadpool, it’s the actual gameplay that reviles me into spasms. The fighting never feels open with invisibly walled areas everywhere and Korra’s quartet of bending styles unlocking wayyyy too slowly to remain effective. The nail in this coffin comes from the janky infinite-runner style levels riding Naga that are out of pace with the speed of the screen to create horrid input sync issues. It hurts to say, but Korra is sidelined for good with this bending travesty. (Definitely not)


Pier Solar and the Great Architects – I’ve not gotten through many 16-bit RPGs despite that being the generation where my gaming love transformed into full-blown marriage. Even Final Fantasy VI is waiting for me to take a deeper dive, which is a real shame that will have relatives leave my funeral in disgust.

Pier Solar is my solace and turning out to be kind of a deterrent to all the others. The battle system is intentionally compact with lower HP ceilings, but the moves take longer in a curious design choice. I have a lot of grievances that haven’t, surprisingly, knocked all the wind out of me. I’m fully aware that it’s mostly due to reasons not of the game’s quality, but a finish is a finish. (Definitely)  

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