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Time is one hell of an equalizer with video games, isn’t it? I have a hellacious backlog with plenty of open world games, many of them rumored to be worthwhile experiences. RPGs, shooters, isometric shooters…Dark Souls again! The list goes on.

Yet, so does time. The third-dimension does its best to constrain and choke out auxiliary options between waking and sleeping again. I’m working my hardest to jettison everyone out of my life to make room for more games, but sometimes, I feel the slightest twinge of guilt over that…

And it’s gone!

octopath traveler

Octopath Traveler – This is one of the more peculiar modern RPGs I’ve played. The setup is unique as you pick one of 8 heroes to champion, but then everything becomes more traditional. The stories all seem refreshingly grounded inside of the world, even if the side missions seem way too obtuse from time to time. Hopefully, the end will bring everything together into a nice little bow – I’m not seeing how that’s possible but miracles are the spice of gaming. (Definitely).

Nier – This one was a kick in the dick. I played Nier: Automata and loved it beyond time and space, so the predecessor flew into my Gamefly queue immediately. The start is appropriately bleak, giving way to some interesting retroactive connections I made with locales in Automata. Enemies and camera work were a little wonky in the early going, which I was decidedly still in when the worst case scenario happened and slammed on my brakes.

In maybe the fourth or fifth boss, my save file became useless. I’d load in and immediately die. There is no checkpoint to go back to, no other save file, womp-womp. It’s not impossible that I’ll go back and slog through again some time from now, but it’s going to take a bit to recover. (Maybe)

Quake Champions
Imagine this with screaming, grinding, wailing death metal.

Quake Champions – Having never played the original Quake, my touchstones for comparison were mostly Doom flavored here. The gameplay is quick with the powers useful (sometimes). The fact that you have all the weapons available adds a really neat twist to the scavenging of levels for ammo, health, and armor. But yeah, you really are just mostly circling in the arena until you kill the human opponents. That metal music does add an addictive aura to the experience, so I’m probably due for another hit of shoot-and-scream soon. (Probably)

Trials Fusion – Why are physics so damn funny in games? Trials Fusion doesn’t care. You’re just there to have fun and maybe make it to the end of the course. Ubisoft would be smart to expand this beyond the dirt bike arena and into something like skateboarding or snowboarding next. All of us that grew up on Tony Hawk and 1080 Snowboarding fail compilation comedy could sink our teeth into all of those extreme sports. As far as Trials goes, it is an undeniable blast when everything is clicking together at the correct angle and you zoom through the goal. This could be a stressful day destination for just about anyone. (Probably)

Kingdom Come Deliverance – Bahhhhh too much real! It’s a precarious balance Red Dead Redemption 2 and Final Fantasy XV (and others) play when the idea of realism overcomes how to make a more streamlined video game. Deliverance never gives you the opportunity to invest in your own actions. For example, you don’t do activities to then get hungry or perform dirty jobs to then desire cleanliness. Meters for the sake of meters don’t jive with me, turkey. Still…watch and listen to some seriously mismatched voice samples for the road above. (Probably not)

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