Mix Rick and Morty with Earthworm Jim! – Brilliant Game Ideas

The Rick and Morty-enon seems to already be outgrowing its fan base for greener pastures. Television, it’s very clear, is just a single root of this growing enterprise of dizzying popular production. Then again, just about everything they touch has turned to gold thus far, from Taco Bell sauce to…well, okay, maybe not Fallout 76.

Therefore, we shall sally forth down this line of thinking to bring about a new, potentially delicious experience inside of another franchise’s loose, available flesh suit.

Rick and Morty

Take the Characters and Conceit of Rick and Morty…

There’s something to be said for how open the animated sitcom can seem compared to live-action. Futurama was the first show to take this to heart in the mainstream, basically resetting history to fit storylines on a whim, but holding those decisions together through decidedly multilayered webs. Everyone had a history that didn’t feel superficial, thus deepening relationships. Meanwhile the “real world” in the show was left to the four winds (read: writer’s whims).

Rick and Morty has the same DNA with mutations above and beyond this sole dimension. In its relatively short run, you can count on one hand how many episodes don’t deal in time and/or dimension hopping, and even that small number still deals with some altered reality. Hardly anything is traditionally grounded, but it still works through Morty and his family – sans Rick – as they react in horrific sense to what’s happening.

It’s the ability of Rick and Morty to be anywhere and nowhere at once that gives them a sense of unlimited comedic and thoughtful potential. Coulda sworn I knew a game series like that once called…

Rick and Morty

Add the Gameplay and Settings of Earthworm Jim

Mister Jim was a visual bend through space and reality the Sega 1990s sorely needed in video game form. He’s an earthworm in a suit that fights with a goldfish in a bowl mixed with a banjo-backed race through space away from a mean crow. He’s wholly original in either of his side-scrollers.

For our purposes, Rick is the power suit, Morty is the tiny worm inside. Rick would be the muscle through varied levels in 2.5D fashion, fighting off enemies tailored to the experiences of the show. I say “tailored to the show” because to say any enemy from either Earthworm Jim games really fit inside their levels would be evidence to throw me into a loony bin. The charm of the experience would be in the focused creativity of the team continuing to make the massively irregular seem trite and expected.

Rick and Morty inside of this construct would also offer a lot of variety beyond running and gunning. Platforming, space combat, sliding, seducing as Rick and repelling as Morty; the list of potential interactions can go on for a long time. That can include new characters, crossovers, reactory sections of mundane office work – you get the point. You could wholesale “borrow” the entire control scheme of Jim-boy’s adventures too as a way to accommodate all of this deck reshuffling.

There is no entertainment like Rick and Morty currently, just as Earthworm Jim was a one-of-a-kind harbor for zany fun in the 90s. Do I hear wedding bells…?

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