The Awakening Formless – Ganon Shot

The darkness of space swallows all light with avaricious hunger. While some remains unformed, untamed by the reach of the gods that bind the planets, Earth is no such outlier. That which swallows light and time surrounds this blue celestial nexus of sporadic faith, cultivating the slow, patient seeds of unsheathed darkness.

Such proximity gave no convenience in command for the creatures that had found this untapped hive. Their whispers and slitherings could be heard across cosmic leagues by all. Human minds, so the Great Ones had found, had a particular sense for their many voices. Or so it sounded like many; a formless many that fluttered in tone from mind to mind. Great Ones knew only one tongue that could not be comprehended by servants.

Only one, whose voice of the many could pierce to the deepest roots of sanity, communicated with the underlings. For it was through him and him alone that the Great Ones descended, removing themselves from their space between to rapturous betroval. There, in the dark between celestial bodies, undulated the great Formless One, surrounding all light in blackness.

The servants of this planet had not known daytime for years, but only one seemed to notice. The Formless One had whispered to this traveling, blood-thirsty potential, guiding him to the harmful denouncement of others that covet ascension. Their numbers had grown, those that had peered beyond the veil. Hundreds now awaited judgement while the Formless One’s servants move to sentence all that could hold back their offerings from the Great Ones.

Time was immaterial to all Great Ones. Even a handful on the planet had distorted all space and time to a prismic nexus, growing horrified by their body’s sight in a completely separate space. The blood-thirsty potential saw this too as he filled his coffers with vials of red icor. The Formless One whispered into the back of his mind, careful with the words to seep from a wisp down his spine, “Kill the father.”

And so, his will was done.

The Formless One watched his favorite pawn peel back each layer, moving ahead with reckless abandon while devouring his enemies for strength. He was merciless in his pursuit of the truth, of what had become of his world. In time, he came to the last gatekeeper and the most faithful of their servants, Strum. A studious man in the other world, he now guarded the bridge between, keeping the veil drawn to not overwhelm the subjects entirely. Now, his eyes were legion and his gaze penetrated all.

“Kill Strum,” the Formless One whispered.

Even those that were most loyal were worthless within the darkness of the greatest goal. The Formless One was intrigued by this planet’s servants not due to their loyalty, but due to the strength in their blood. None other in the cosmos had bowed so willingly and yet had such will to stand of their own accord – this potential above all others.

There seemed to be no stopping this blood-thirsty potential, no breaking of his iron will, and yet, his weakness was nakedly bare. It wasn’t long before the Formless One was whispering, “Devour,” constantly, his worm obeying to a frightening pace. He even took to devouring lesser Great Ones and besting those that would circumvent his coming throne. Not all Great Ones could know of the desires of the Formless One. None could peer through that darkness.

Finally, his potential stood beneath a bloodied moon with his last remaining test before him in the Great Presence. Her tentacles writhed in delight as her toothless mouth gaped wide enough to take in a full human body as she approached, cooing almost sweetly in a hypnotizing song. Within the reaches of his mind, the Formless One could feel the potential fighting her hypnosis and, with nothing but a small whisper, the illusion was shattered, “Kill the god.”

The bath of blood sprang voluminous, blinding this new Great One to his transformation until the great power had been bestowed. The Formless One undulated further, spreading its impossible tendrils through the rings of Saturn without disturbance. He would find a home for his newest colleague, and then test the rest of the species this universe had to offer.

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