MLB (Insert Year Here) The Show – Greatest Gaming Gauntlet

So, I’m a whore. A game whore. A game console whore that’s willing to give just about anything anywhere a try as long as the software follows. And even I haven’t given VR a try! *rimshot*

But really, the whole idea that the best series for a whole sport – the best sport called baseball – is land-locked on Sony island is a little crazy. RBI Baseball is…well, about up to here with quality and a budget smaller than my childhood allowance. PlayStation adopters meanwhile get The Show: a game full of systems and realism that has felt the usual amount of love a Sony-exclusive feels these days.

Which circles me back around to the fact that as even I, someone with the ability to play games everywhere I want to from upon my throne, find this a little appalling. Which is why I’ve made this little internet show called Greatest Gaming Gauntlets surrounding the experience inside of MLB The Show. It’s how Gandhi would’ve approached the situation, I’m sure.

Click play, sit back, and let your ears drift off for the home team. The GGG is up to bat and is ready to bring that winning run on into home.

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