Patreon and Other Externals

Myggaming, in an effort to keep on the grow, is on Patreon, which you can see a snippet of below:

“This Myggaming thing is…?

Well, simply put, this is what I’ve always wanted out of the two hobbies I’ve always had. I’m a gamer and a writer, the former inspiring the latter time and time again down new imaginative alleys. I was definitely a pop culture sponge growing up but nothing touched me or ever gave me the same level of influence as gaming.

Now in the dark and dreary grown-up times, I’ve taken my years of games media experience and compressed them down to what I see as the bare essentials. In a nutshell, I want Myggaming to be a haven for interesting topics, a fresh take on what I feel is a stale reviews process, and an imagined window into how some of your favorite game characters live their lives surrounding the major events we’ve all seen.”

Keep your eyes here to see when we finally expand out to the visual/audio world!