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About This Site

I love writing. I love games. That’s the couple that went on a fancy dinner date before having this love child. There are plenty of stories out there about people that have left the day-to-day reporting side of the gaming industry due to getting sick and tired of the machine and the ouroboros it facilitates, but I’m not so discontent as all that. I just wanted to do things my way with more intellectually stimulating ideas and concepts taking the place of what I feel has become an assembly line mentality with news, previews, and other forms of games media.

A perfect encapsulation is the process of game reviewing. You review a game, you write words and/or make a video on it, and slap a number to the end with extra content serving as callback platforms for that one review. I believe the act of summarizing a game into a number is an ongoing experience because it can be replayed at various times in life. That’s not to mention the litany of updates and all types of content flavors added across time.

MyGGaming, by design, is a haven to consider games and their concepts in a more detached sense. Consider this an island getaway for all of that wherein you can take a look as some more creative, thought-provoking, and longform possibilities of what some pretty rad gaming ideas can become. Also, humor. Mostly sarcastic humor.


About the Content

What you’re going to see across this particular window to madness will likely fall under one of these headers:

Continual Reviews – This will be the most frequent type of content by far (Every Monday).

A review on here will include my initial reactions to the game as it stands whenever I get to playing it enough to offer an informed opinion as well as my thoughts on any subsequent playthroughs. My Final Fantasy XV review, for instance, has the initial opinion in there with the usual number, but updated after my subsequent playthrough is a Second Pass section with whatever new thoughts and alterations to my initial score I feel time has revealed. This will be ongoing for any game no matter the age or genre; if I pick it up, I want to review it in some way for as long as I own it.

The review scale is as follows:

10 – Invents a new type of good. I consider games in this range to be timeless pinnacles that anchor the game industry in multiple ways. Will definitely receive multiple follow-up playthroughs and reviews.

9 – Super good range. Perhaps some missed potential or a frustrating section, but still beyond competent and a delight to play. Will very likely receive a follow-up in some way or another.

8 – Solid range. Not too shabby on most fronts but either one huge letdown or lots and lots of small straws. I’ll drop it back into the boombox when the mood hits.

7 – A keeper range. I’ve seen better but can still see the potential for more. This area is likely to receive a revisit if there’s an update or I see it in a different light/

6 – Hamstrung range. Held back by something considerable, steeped in the core mechanics of the game. Under the right circumstances, and some sort of flu medicine-induced haze, I’d come back to it.

5 – Frustratingly average range. A rare “treat”: a truly average title that falls smack dab in the grey area we all swim through day to day. Reminds me that I’ll likely die one day, alone, afraid, and mediocre.

4 – Struggling range. Never quite rises above the middle, but still performs valiantly enough to cross the finish line. Anything below this can be considered unacceptably bad, and not even in a way that gives me perverse joy. I…might come back to it for a chuckle.

3 – Painful range. A stabbing pain in the temple accompanies every second of gameplay. Severely under performing on multiple fronts. Not staying in the collection.

2 – Gross range. Who did this? Why would they do this? What would our enemies do with this? Needless to say, not one I’d rush to come back to.

1 – One of the worst ever. And here it is, the Judecca of gaming. This is reserved for that which should never see the light of day again. Burning it just makes it stronger. Freeze it in chains and consider a lobotomy. Wouldn’t play it again for free, ever.


Micro Reviews – Another review series filled with multiple smaller reviews per article with an altered scale that – far more informally – looks like this:

Definitely – I’ll finish it, just you wait! Not always for positive reasons, mind you….

Maybe – There’s either a lot of gruff to cut through to get to the good stuff, of just plain not enough good stuff to keep me going in the first go around.

Probably Not – While not impossible, a complete play thorough, nay even more time devoted to it, is a herculean ask.

Never – Couldn’t hate the idea of playing it more if I tried. Keep it away from me and my prized thumbs at all costs.

I’ll be revisiting some of these as well, depending upon the taste left in my mouth. I’ll reserve the right to update reviews on any and all in the same fashion as the continual reviews. The long-form review will be linked in the Micro Review article if one every evolves to a full review. You can expect these on the first Thursday of every month.


Brilliant Game Ideas – I’m pushing for once a month depending upon when inspiration strikes (Third Thursday of the month).

These are ideas of structural and mechanical crossovers between popular franchises. I’m hoping this will inspire plenty of discussion and the readers’ own ideas of what “crossovers” could happen.


Ganon Shots – Another once a month if I can swing it (Second Thursday of the month).

Lots and lots and lots of stories in video games are left with blank spots or outright unfinished, and I’m using this series to clear those gaps. These are all completely unofficial and purely of my own interpretation of how the included characters would act or react to situations that I believe to fit into the established canon by the respective rights holders. I own none of the properties nor their characters and will have a disclaimer at the beginning of each of these pieces.

With that out of the way, I do hope these are a fun window into how your favorite characters live on between the seams and after the credits.


Think Pieces – Rounding out the list is another once a month shot (Last Thursday of the month).

These, I hope, will stimulate the other side of your brain. Which side? I don’t know, the one you were using before.

Think Pieces are long, in-depth looks at a particular topic of a game, a franchise, a concept, the industry, or some other corner of the gentile gamer livelihood. I’ll always have research poured into these via numbers or industry peoples. I don’t want to limit these too much by always promising them be a “feature” in the specified sense, but if you have to put a word to it, a “feature” works well enough.



Due to the nature of my head space and desire to keep this stream a purely creative one, I will not be accepting, now nor ever, monetization opportunities that would directly influence myggaming.com. That includes but is not limited to ads, sponsored content, gifts of any sort for selective coverage, and “signal boosting” on the site or social media. Starting in 2019, I will be open to reviewing games, big and small, more in step with their releases. To talk about that, or to contact m in general, feel free to slap some words here.

There is now a Patreon page dedicated to pumping up this baby, so feel free to take a look there and drop some dough if you feel so inclined.


About Me:

Now the boring part! I’m a writer and editor of over 15 years and a gamer for the majority of my life. I have two published books and have worked in the gaming industry for nearly 10 years now. I also love me some baseball, reading, hiking, and doing lots of random activities once before logging them into my mental rolodex.